“AMARA SABAI” is a Non-Governmental Organization which is carrying out an unflagging process of community-based development in the remote rural areas of West Bengal, with the intent of initiating progressive change in the life of the common people. By dint of its emotive spontaneity as well as its methodical approach the functionaries of the organization are making best possible effort to initiate a paradigm shift in the Sundarban Zone , which is eclipsed by poverty , hunger and illiteracy . .

 The name “AMARA SABAI” means “All of Us”. The essence of its name has been literally translated into our institutional philosophy. Our organization vividly reflects collective-dynamics, group-spirit, structural cohesion and functional synchronization. The institutional functionaries and the local people work together for the sustainable development of the community.  Erasing the interface between the institution and the community-based beneficiaries, “All of Us” make a harmonious and cooperative effort to promote the socio-economic status of “All of Us”.