About Us

The exclusivity of the organization lies in its concept and maneuver. The organisation believes that Human Resource Development is the instrumental agenda which will in turn catalyze the intricate process of developing the entire community. Accordingly we are making an earnest effort to identify the untapped potential of the community. We are fostering the intrinsic resource of the local women, youth, adolescents and even the senior-citizens so that all of them can unfurl their mind, unleash their hidden potentiality and participate in the mission of empowering themselves.

As true facilitators, we are catalyzing the process of community-mobilization, which in turn leads to the bottom-line of community-based development. The hidden resources of the community are getting engaged in turning their communities more and more resourceful. 

Vision: –The organisation visualizes a social system where all men and women will live peacefully with equal dignity to each other in an eco-friendly manner.

Mission: –The mission of the organisation is to cause sustainable development to the vulnerable segment of the society.